With our Community Educators, we reach out to local schools and community groups to offer presentations on a variety of topics including human development and healthy relationships.  Our aim is to equip students to recognize and respect human value in body, heart and mind. This approach helps students understand that they have value and a voice.  When they understand human value then they are equipped to defend themselves and others. 

We encourage students to identify their support systems, including parents and caregivers, so they continue to ask questions and grow.  Through this process, students develop a foundation of compassion and resilience which empowers them make healthy choices and build strong relationships.

We offer presentations from both faith based and secular perspectives, to ensure that all students feel respected and no one is left out of these important conversations.

Grades K-7

Kids will learn about how their bodies were made, what makes them special, the reproductive process and puberty, and a foundation for safety in the digital world.


Parent will learn about the issues facing them and their children in today's world.  They will hear real world stories and strategies to help them support their family.

Grades 8-12

Youth will learn about healthy relationships, sexting and digital safety, harms of pornography and human trafficking.


Many churches are unsure how to best support their members in the digital age.  We can support you by speaking directly to your members on any of the topics in our area of expertise.

What Our Attendees Say

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