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Foundations for Life is a grassroots organization that exists thanks to the generous engagement and support from our Donors and Members.  This ongoing support allows us to continue our school presentations and other efforts in our local community and beyond.

Our Donors are individuals and businesses who believe it's important that everybody has a Voice, knows their Value, and has a Vision for their future.  To support us, they donate either one-time or regularly so we can continue doing this important work.


Our Members have gone a step further and also pay a yearly membership fee to our Society and have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.  They provide a critical role by engaging with the organization to provide feedback, vote for Board Members, and help guide the organization as we grow and adapt.

Please consider if becoming a Donor or Member is right for you.  We are so grateful for all the support we receive and want to see our reach continue to grow beyond the Grande Prairie area as we expand online.

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